Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You say it's your birthday

So yeah...
My Blackberry chimed at me this morning, I looked at it, one eye still shut.
Shit! I have a appointment today!?...oh, its my birthday.
I'm not sure if this makes me a really busy cool guy, or just a guy desperate to fill up my calender.
Either way, this is my corny birthday blog post.
Happy Birthday me.

On my 5th birthday, my mother bought me the 45 single of this song.
Thought I'd share.


This Mid 30s Life said...

Happy birthday!! I remember that song, classic.

Carolyn said...

Hahaha, great song! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STARTS!! Hope it's a good one!

Miss Melicious said...

Happy Birthday!!! Thats quite the song for a 5 year old...now I'm left wondering what your 5th birthday party was like!

fizzee rascal said...

Happy Birthday.

Clsh - Best band ever

Anonymous said...

Okay, just imagine me singing (to the tune of "Merry Unbirthday" in Alice in Wonderland)

A very Merry Birthday to you...TO YOU
A very Merry Birthday to you...TO YOU
Now blow the candles out my dear and make your wish come true!!

....yeah, you get the fucking point right?

Happy Birthday love!!

PS: Me luffs the Clash too.

Funky Home Finds said...

Personally, I prefer "Straight To Hell", but that song's pretty decent, too.

BTW, while you were listening to that song at age 5, I think I was seeing the Clash in concert here in Ohio (yes, I'm THAT old) ;)

A band that truly deserves cross-generation exposure.

Mrs Midnite said...

Belatedly happy birthday, I'm just catching up on posts. My blackberry chimes for much more pointless things than my birthday!

Minoccio said...

Happy birthday. And it's a pretty cool gift for a 5-year old =)

Greg Scott's Compendium of The Weird and wonderful said...

Happy birthday from Australia

Amelia Elliott said...

This is a great song. I haven't seen the video until now... sweet. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Wicked blog!