Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'd be a liar if I said I've been busy at work, that's why I have not been around.

I do not lie.

All's fair in love and war, but life's a confusing bitch.
I made myself a summer vacation out of a knee surgery, a financial loss, mental gain.
I would love to write something worth reading, stay tuned maybe it will happen, till then.....


James Canady said...

You can't put a price on mental gains. And unfortunately a lot of people can't make the most out of a bad situation. This ties right into my other comment, where as once again, i envy you for it. The shortest of your entries are still worth reading, any and every day man. Don't sell yourself short of that.

Amber said...

Oh, starts, you had me at "don't drag me down mother fucker...." You know I love me some Social D.

Don't rush it. When you write it I will read it. And if you don't write it maybe we will just bump into each other in the ole Coffeeshop (even though I have been absent of late).

Anyone give you shit for not writing - I say.....fuck em.

Boo-yah baby.

Starts with one said...

James-you are right.You can't put a price on mental gains. I try to make the best of things, sometimes that is all that is left to do.
I'm happy you enjoy my writing. Although I never comment on your blog I do read and enjoy it a lot.
Thanks for the support.

Amber-I knew day one you were not following for a follow. A true reader, and friend.
Even if I'm not posting a lot, its readers like you that keep the wheels turning...my wheels are doing smoke shows, its just my fingers are not up to speed yet.
I've been somewhat absent from The coffee shop too. Much less interesting without the Gen Xer's around.

john said...

well at least youre smarterer now. i hope you get a hot physical therapist to help with your knee :)

DanWins said...

hey starts been neglecting my reading. hope the knee is feeling better and don't worry about the writing it will take care of itself. How is the "NOT SMOKING" going?