Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One day he was just gone Part 1

Memories are a funny thing. Some of them you push deep into the corner of you mind, and try to forget them.
Some you keep up front and on display.
Maybe the ones you forgot were never memories to begin with, just scenes in your life, then they fade like a scene from a bad independent film with sub-titles.

Something always happens though....situations arise...and the forgotten become the remembered.

I'm a product of divorce, as they say. Latch key kid, raised by a hard working single Mother.
My childhood was good, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. My Mother raised me alone and I have nothing but the highest respect for her. She did her best, it was plenty enough for me.

Late 1980's, early 1990's "Broken Home" kid though.....I fit the bill. We all did.

I'm going to do this in parts.
  • To avoid really long posts.
  • To clean out my head
  • To say everything to no one.


Anonymous said...

Your mother being a single mother and doing the great job she did (I am assuming she did because I think you are pretty great, and we are the products of our upbringing - right?), is the model for why you are a great single father.

I meant what I said in the coffeeshop about you being my hero for raising your kids by yourself (and with Angel, too - don't want to take away from her at all).

That is all.....carry on.

Starts with one said...

Thank You. That means a lot, as well as the Coffee Shop comment.

Writers block to serious posts..I may need to lighten up at some point:)

Carolyn said...

Keep em coming Starts, I'm anxious to delve into the inner-workings of your mind. :D

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, "no one" can be your very best friend…

Minoccio said...

...they fade like a scene from a bad independent film with sub-titles...
I like this simile.

Gabe and Nicole said...

Isn't it great to just let it all out sometimes? Ahh memories.

And, we had similar childhoods, as you say. We all did.

DanWins said...


My friend here is a "kick in the Pants" for you. Come on get it out here and clear yourself of what you got. Do it all in one sitting so that it is done and out there/here. We will all read it no matter the size of the post. Get it out so you can get back to the you we have seen posting about everyday life.

Don't let it "Fester" those turn ugly and eventually start to smell bad also.

Also how is the Not Smoking Going?


Starts with one said...

I'm trying Dan. It's about ready to roll out.

James Canady said...

I am 110% with Amber. She said it perfectly, and took the words out of my mouth and mind. Respect brother man! haha

Starts with one said...

Thank you James, that means a lot.