Monday, May 17, 2010

Who's next?

I have always found this interesting.
One single event can fuck up your day. Your good day, o.k. day or just a average day...unless of course, your average day is fucked up and miserable anyway.

It just always seems to me that when the sun is shining in your world, and your at least making do with what you have......there is always going to be someone who wants to let you know you suck.
It's like walking outside with a cup of coffee and a cigarette....and stepping on a fucking hornet.

Deserve it or not, why not on a day that sucks anyway. Maybe a day when you already feel like an asshole, you could get the satisfaction of agreeing.

See it as I do or not, I have a handle on my "hopes,dreams, and aspirations". Funny thing is they are mine, and if I turn them into reality or not is my choice. I don't need a cheering squad but, the "your wrong" squad is getting old.

Shit comes in 3's, I'm up to 2.....who's next?


Anonymous said...

Seek and destroy my friend.

Anonymous said...

SWO...I'm still here for you, friend, oh buddy ol' pal o' mine. Reach out and communicate. I'll not shoot down any of your thoughts. I never did before and I'm not about to start now.

Anonymous said...

your right one thing can fuck up the day and usually does, but its more of a reason to live balls out instead of precariously becuase one good thing could turn things back around.

good luck

Annah said...

Oh so true. Today my day was going just fine when I went in to check my bank account and found that four "Tax" charges from a recent trip to Canada threw my checking account into negative and I've had $210 worth of overdraft fees charges in the last two days unbeknownest to me. So yep... I know the feeling. A cup of coffee does sound pretty damn good now.

DanWins said...

I am definitely not number 3. I promise.

But you forgot to pay the water, and they said they would be by around 530pm on Friday to shut it off.

had to do that but truely understand what you wrote and think it is fantastic.

You write like I talk to people I have known for Years. Keep it up it is refreshing!

Starts with one said...

Thanks Dan. I try, its been hard to write what I hear in my head lately.
I'll get over it soon...I hope.

DanWins said...

Well, that one there is an answer to -- if you can't write what you hear at least write what you "SEE".