Thursday, April 22, 2010

"They get jealous when they see ya witcha ya mobile phone"

So in the days before my surgery there was a lot I wanted to get done. The thought of being laid up for a while is less than pleasing to me. New phones where in order.
Order was filled.
I have always been on the up and up as far as cellular phones go. I'm the dude that can have no money, no job, but a pretty sweet phone.
My last phone was a Lg Chocolate. The last one before the touch. Yeah a little out dated. I will however say that phone has been dropped in a bucket of water, tossed of a roof, left inside engine bays, slid, slammed, squeezed, pinched, painted(yeah painted), and just about whatever else you could think of.
Oh did I mention 5 kids"can I use your phone,can I take a picture, blah,blah,blah"
 So I went into the Verizon store set on a Android....I left with a Blackberry Storm 2. Now I know they are not newest but, its a pretty cool phone. My current work ventures are making a phone with the Storm's capabilities useful. All this said....I lead into this.... 
While in the store it took a good while to decide. Angel had hers picked out in 15 not so much.
When narrowed down between the Storm and the Android, we were approached by the " o so helpful" sales man. Now I already did my research but they are kinda unavoidable. I'll get to the point here.
  When I informed him of the two phones I was interested in he said (insert condescending asshole tone here)
    "you know when you see a BB, you think business person. You know, email driven. Maybe run your own business"
    "umm hmm. Yes well..."
   " now the android has all kinds of "fun" apps like facebook,twitter,and flickr"
    "yeah...umm o.k., I'll take the Storm"
 Now I guess my point is this. Just because I strolled in wearing slouched jeans, a independent skateboard T-shirt, and a pair of vans.....what? huh? You think I like facebook etc.(refer to above link).
How the hell does this guy know. I could own a multi-million dollar company.
Hey... he was supper skinny, balding, mid 30 year-old with the shakes, wiping his inflamed nostrils like he had a cold.......I didn't coin him as a coke addict. Openly anyway.
Judge not my never know who is who.


trytryagain said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I am a blackberry girl through and through, have been for years.

But I avoid the stores at all costs. Imagine being a WOMAN in jeans and sneakers, with funky earrings on, and coming in with your blackberry. " Oh maybe you'd like the samsung flip..."
" No... no i would not. My blackberry is fine, thank you very much."
I don't need facebook/myspace/twitter aps on my phone! I'm smart enough to open a pdf file on my berry! it's not even hard!
it's like they've created this stigma around it... ahh...
oh see, i'm on a rant now. this is your blog.

Amber said...

I wish I could share your love for phones, but the main reason I don't still have one of those HUGE 80s phones is because I threw mine and busted it after a nasty confrontation with an ex.....

I am also the owner of a bouncing baby BlackBerry, and have had the same one for like three years.

But only because I am technologically stunted and am still trying to figure out how to use this fucking thing to it's max.

Oh, and fuck Twitter....

Anonymous said...

Referring back to your spam friends and internet. Not all your 8th grade classmates were or are douch bags

Starts with one said...

No?, Hmmm....were you one of them,Anonymous?

Minoccio said...

LOL @ the title... is it Pac?

Starts with one said...

Yes it is.LOL.
I was wondering if anyone would get that reference.