Monday, April 5, 2010


So here i sit in my new favorite spot. A freshly built picnic table. positioned in just a way that early enough in the day its shaded from the i can see the screen on my notebook. On my very modest piece of rented land you have to choices:
 My neighboors very cluttered yard, soon to be masked by lilliacs
Pavement and a well maintained Suburban, it's fine really either way.
 It would seem as though spring has sprung in these parts, a welcomed gift to a "surf and sand" lover such as myself. I always felt like spring was a time for renewal. Not so much lawns and flowers but renewal of self, life, and times....I mean this in the most non-philosophical way.
 Every year I get this feeling. Like opportunities are limitless and everything is just long as the sun is shinning. Tis the season to grow, plant, and renew. Renew my approach on life. Not to be disappointed by the Fall thinking "I didn't accomplish anything i wanted to this summer".
  My date with the surgeon is closing in, i am excited to be honest. With a few months of recovery in order, I am sure to be at my new favorite spot. Once a tree providing shade, now chopped and screwed so I can rest my weary head. A place for my children to eat and play. A place to sit with Angel and talk with out saying a word.
  I can sit here and worry about whats to come next, or plan what to accomplish next..

 So again, here i sit. Bottomless coffee cup, fresh pack of smokes, and the unsolved mysteries of life.
The questions are irrelevant because you always hold the answers.....the key is learning to see them.


just a brown-eyed girl said...

The optimism here is excellent, SWO. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Not Enough.....

Starts with one said...

Not enough what?

keepingfaith said...

Absolutely Beautiful. Authentically You ~*~ Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

Cheyelle Omar said...

I really like the shot. Let's hope the "spot" becomes the source of plenty more posts like this one.

JRonson said...

First of all thank you for the comment on the blog:) and from what I understand, about the feel of spring to be coming, I think there's nothing better after a long winter to feel the sunshine and mild heat to reach us, near vices as tobacco or coffee. Nothing tastes better even :b

and I loved the photo

trytryagain said...

Loved this post.. I have been feeling the exact same way lately. Is it the spring? or did some rampant fire just spring up under my ass? Either way, I like it. Waking up each day and knowing there are a billion things to learn, and enjoy, and experience.
Where are you from? I'm in the midwest, and I feel like the winter is so horrid that waking up to a fine spring morning is like someone up there saying " You made it through. You're alive."


Starts with one said...

Thanks to all for the comments.
Stephanie, I'm in the lovely region of New England. The winters here can be harsh and long to put it mild. I think I have a combination "spring fever" and a nice fire. Either way its all a welcome thing.

JP said...

That picture captures everything beautiful to you...oops, where am I?

NO, really Im jumping on the Chad cheering squad.

You have a way with words.