Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carry On The Torch

My sons Birthday past a few weeks ago and, besides the usual gifts I thought a new set-up (skateboard) was in order. We ordered from, a company I have been ordering from since 1991 or so.We could have gone to the local skate shop but , he opted to order. I remember these day's so vividly. Exception being my mom had to call in the order from a catalog or even worse send a check in the mail, which stretched the arrival time even more. The convenience of debit cards and the internet was not around when I was 10.
 After a few weeks of "did you check the mail,is it here", it arrived. It's funny how something like this can be so sentimental in a way. I requested it come un-assembled, after all this is the "zen" part of it all. As i watched him unpack all of the pieces I knew exactly how he was feeling. I suppose I should write about my un- wavering love for skateboarding at some point.....yeah at some point.
 I guess it was like the end of A Christmas Story. You know, when Ralphie gets the Red Ryder and his dad is showing him how to load the bb"s.
This is not the first board we have put together, but his first complete. All new board.
My favorite part of putting a new board together is applying grip tape. A good eye, steady hand, file, and a few razor blades. I took the reins on this part. I always and still do like a signature to my tape. A design or few lines cut in the grip tape, or a little sharpie art later.
 This particular deck had a graphic on the top.It was covered but it read "carry on the torch". It was the series name for this board. It struck me for some reason.
I'm not done with skating. I never will be.
 See I am not living through my son. If he didn't want to skate he wouldn't. He watched me intently as I griped his new board. I watched intently as he pushed the bearings in the wheels, attached them to the trucks, and then mounted them on the board.
 He handed it to me to check it over. After tightening up a few things, he was ready to roll. I handed it back.
I got up, grabbed my crutches and limped to the door to witness the first skate of his new board.
Until this knee is healed,
Carry on the torch.



LFC_Loads said...

waiting for things to arrive in the mail is almost certainly a form of torture.

it is terrible =|. mind you when it comes, as you describe it, it is a rather decent little mixture of relief and satisfaction

Amber said...

I love this post and let me tell you why....

I spend many a days in the back yard of one of my closest friends in high school, Charles, watching him skate the half-pipe my boyfriend help him build. I was never the skater, but the skater girlfriend, and I loved to just lay out on the grass and watch them skate. They were really in their element on that pipe and I was in my element watching them float through the air and sometimes crash to the ground.

I was there when he flew off the table and broke his arm. I was there when he lost the board mid flight and cracked his skull; but I was also there when he taught his five year old son how to skate that pipe - and that made me happy.

Charles is now a lawyer, UGH how I loathe lawyers, but I still see him and every now and then he tells me he still gets out there, but doesn't fly as high as he used to.

Oh, the times......