Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Friday marks two weeks since surgery. I've already had the stitches removed, and I see the surgeon again this week. Depending on how that goes,  I may get out of this leg immobilizer and into a hinged brace. I have not started physical therapy yet. Under normal circumstances I would never look forward to something like that.
Exciting right?
  Now that the pain med haze has started to clear, in no particular order, I knee'd to throw a few things out there.
Being the strong willed lad I am, its surprising Angel has not busted my other knee and left me in bed. If it wasn't for her, my mother and 5 kids....I'm not sure how I would have managed thus far. My families support has, and will continue to be a big motivation through recovery.
 I'm not sure what I thought I would accomplish these past few weeks....I feel like I have done nothing. This one time though, just this once...that's what I am supposed to do. Heal. Recover. Not being really good at "take time for you" and "rest", can pose some challenges.
Trying to stay positive. That seems to be key. This is not permanent, although it feels that way sometimes.
 I have not posted as much as I've wanted. I think for some reason this Little "update" has blocked a few decent posts.
 So with that I will leave you with

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carry On The Torch

My sons Birthday past a few weeks ago and, besides the usual gifts I thought a new set-up (skateboard) was in order. We ordered from, a company I have been ordering from since 1991 or so.We could have gone to the local skate shop but , he opted to order. I remember these day's so vividly. Exception being my mom had to call in the order from a catalog or even worse send a check in the mail, which stretched the arrival time even more. The convenience of debit cards and the internet was not around when I was 10.
 After a few weeks of "did you check the mail,is it here", it arrived. It's funny how something like this can be so sentimental in a way. I requested it come un-assembled, after all this is the "zen" part of it all. As i watched him unpack all of the pieces I knew exactly how he was feeling. I suppose I should write about my un- wavering love for skateboarding at some point.....yeah at some point.
 I guess it was like the end of A Christmas Story. You know, when Ralphie gets the Red Ryder and his dad is showing him how to load the bb"s.
This is not the first board we have put together, but his first complete. All new board.
My favorite part of putting a new board together is applying grip tape. A good eye, steady hand, file, and a few razor blades. I took the reins on this part. I always and still do like a signature to my tape. A design or few lines cut in the grip tape, or a little sharpie art later.
 This particular deck had a graphic on the top.It was covered but it read "carry on the torch". It was the series name for this board. It struck me for some reason.
I'm not done with skating. I never will be.
 See I am not living through my son. If he didn't want to skate he wouldn't. He watched me intently as I griped his new board. I watched intently as he pushed the bearings in the wheels, attached them to the trucks, and then mounted them on the board.
 He handed it to me to check it over. After tightening up a few things, he was ready to roll. I handed it back.
I got up, grabbed my crutches and limped to the door to witness the first skate of his new board.
Until this knee is healed,
Carry on the torch.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

"They get jealous when they see ya witcha ya mobile phone"

So in the days before my surgery there was a lot I wanted to get done. The thought of being laid up for a while is less than pleasing to me. New phones where in order.
Order was filled.
I have always been on the up and up as far as cellular phones go. I'm the dude that can have no money, no job, but a pretty sweet phone.
My last phone was a Lg Chocolate. The last one before the touch. Yeah a little out dated. I will however say that phone has been dropped in a bucket of water, tossed of a roof, left inside engine bays, slid, slammed, squeezed, pinched, painted(yeah painted), and just about whatever else you could think of.
Oh did I mention 5 kids"can I use your phone,can I take a picture, blah,blah,blah"
 So I went into the Verizon store set on a Android....I left with a Blackberry Storm 2. Now I know they are not newest but, its a pretty cool phone. My current work ventures are making a phone with the Storm's capabilities useful. All this said....I lead into this.... 
While in the store it took a good while to decide. Angel had hers picked out in 15 not so much.
When narrowed down between the Storm and the Android, we were approached by the " o so helpful" sales man. Now I already did my research but they are kinda unavoidable. I'll get to the point here.
  When I informed him of the two phones I was interested in he said (insert condescending asshole tone here)
    "you know when you see a BB, you think business person. You know, email driven. Maybe run your own business"
    "umm hmm. Yes well..."
   " now the android has all kinds of "fun" apps like facebook,twitter,and flickr"
    "yeah...umm o.k., I'll take the Storm"
 Now I guess my point is this. Just because I strolled in wearing slouched jeans, a independent skateboard T-shirt, and a pair of vans.....what? huh? You think I like facebook etc.(refer to above link).
How the hell does this guy know. I could own a multi-million dollar company.
Hey... he was supper skinny, balding, mid 30 year-old with the shakes, wiping his inflamed nostrils like he had a cold.......I didn't coin him as a coke addict. Openly anyway.
Judge not my never know who is who.

Monday, April 5, 2010


So here i sit in my new favorite spot. A freshly built picnic table. positioned in just a way that early enough in the day its shaded from the i can see the screen on my notebook. On my very modest piece of rented land you have to choices:
 My neighboors very cluttered yard, soon to be masked by lilliacs
Pavement and a well maintained Suburban, it's fine really either way.
 It would seem as though spring has sprung in these parts, a welcomed gift to a "surf and sand" lover such as myself. I always felt like spring was a time for renewal. Not so much lawns and flowers but renewal of self, life, and times....I mean this in the most non-philosophical way.
 Every year I get this feeling. Like opportunities are limitless and everything is just long as the sun is shinning. Tis the season to grow, plant, and renew. Renew my approach on life. Not to be disappointed by the Fall thinking "I didn't accomplish anything i wanted to this summer".
  My date with the surgeon is closing in, i am excited to be honest. With a few months of recovery in order, I am sure to be at my new favorite spot. Once a tree providing shade, now chopped and screwed so I can rest my weary head. A place for my children to eat and play. A place to sit with Angel and talk with out saying a word.
  I can sit here and worry about whats to come next, or plan what to accomplish next..

 So again, here i sit. Bottomless coffee cup, fresh pack of smokes, and the unsolved mysteries of life.
The questions are irrelevant because you always hold the answers.....the key is learning to see them.