Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Unconditional love....its a funny thing. In my experience, the people that deem this one of their best qualities are total B.S. artists.True masters of the medium. I really feel this not to be something you profess, just something you do...unconditionally.
I know who loves me.I know who loves me unconditionally. I never asked nor was I told. I just know.
I know I work hard, so do the people that know me. I don't describe myself as a hard worker....
So all you self proclaimed unconditional lovers....do you really love without condition?

When you love someone unconditionally you do not set limits or boundaries on that love, not circumstances that would cause you to withdraw it, there is nothing that would cause you to not love the person. Even if the other person does something that you feel is intentional, it is overlooked if you are truly committed to unconditional love. You do not try to control the actions of the other person, nor do you tell them that you will not love them if they act a certain way or do a certain thing. When this kind of love is present both partners feel more secure and neither of them seeks to control the other.


Dave Keeble said...

The way I see it, unconditional love applies more to close friends and family than it does to those you fall in love with.

FireTruckOnFire said...

I'm not sure what faith you have is or if you read the Bible,but it does speak a lot about God having unconditional love. Somehow, I believe it.

It truly is the only unconditional love, that I've ever experienced. The faithful, dependable love that doesn't change with time, surroundings, or emotions.

I guess, that is what unconditional love is. "The faithful, dependable love that doesn't change with time, surroundings, or emotions." Sadly, It's hard to come by.

Oh, and by the way . . .
It's a good idea to rely on what you KNOW to be true and how you feel. You may not FEEL loved, but you KNOW they love you, perhaps even unconditionally. Something I've more recently discovered.