Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Boy Call And Skinny Jeans....Purple Skinny Jeans. The Middle.

Where was I? Oh yeah, thats right. Leaving the country club. Off to the mall....reluctantly. Closing in one hour, we waste some time looking at pots and pans at Macy's. Nothing was purchased....while in the actual mall I noticed the vast array of kids wearing "skinny jeans", poorly maintained "faux hawks", and "gangsters" that would run and hide if they ever really saw a "9".
 Ah, the shoe store. Love that smell. Tried on a pair of U.S made Doc's. Nothing like the U.K. made Doc's. Left with my Vans on. Go to the mall broke, I need all kinds of stuff.........go with a tax return burning a hole in your debit card, I need nothing. Malls closing, get out.
 Onward friends....were to when a town shuts down at the stroke of nine. Dennys, nah....gas station...all set.
Oh I know. Kohls. Shit. really? O.K.
Hit or miss? Both.  Its just one of those stores. green tank top, the girly kind. A run dmc sweatshirt, for my 10 year old. He was born in the wrong generation. Three pairs of pants. Black chords i was told to put away for next fall/ o.k., i guess? A pair of "douche bag" pants, just in case i need them. I don't own much more than jeans. A cool v-neck sweater with buttons, alright.
 So now as i look over to my lovely counter par, she is laughing a little.
What? Do i have lettuce on my front tooth?
Holding up a pair of men's purple,stretch, skinny should try these on.
Why not? I will only look like a fruity umpa lumpa that got lost in Alice's wonderland, right after leaving Avatar, while on the way back to Charlies chocolate factory. The newer factory too, not the classic one.
 Purple, nut hugging, ass-crack displaying, jeans. I like them, put em in the cart...
Cigarette outside the car, where to?
TGI Fridays it is....walking in with purple skinny jeans on.....the floor of the trunk.



Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Sounds like a pretty boy but the skinny jeans. (Big No No)Your to old

keepingfaith said...

No, No, ....Never to Old... ForEver Young~~~

Carolyn said...

I have a pair of purple skinny jeans. But I'm a girl...
Kidding, who gives a shit, you only live once right? Why not do it while bearing your ass-crack and flaunting your nuts.

Starts with one said...

I think i bought them to freak the kids out at the bus stop. I have to say though...they are damn comfy.