Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Boy Call And Skinny Jeans....Purple Skinny Jeans. The first part.

A weekend with no kids....I'll take that. Lets go rip up the town, drink, start a fight, and escape unscathed.
 Hardly.....yeah it's o.k. though.
 Lets see, first stop. The barn. A local junk shop jammed full of everything. Tools, dishware, toys. You know all the stuff a good junk store should have. All of it crammed in so deep the more you dig, more you find.
Left with some decent finds. A black and chrome teapot. A Polaroid camera from 1957, mint I might add. My crowning achievement......a folding craftsman ruler. The woman who owns the store told me it belonged to Sy Sidebotham. Recently deceased. Sy was a drag racer, he was one of the founders and builders of new England Drag-way.
 Strange, when I picked it up I held it close instantly. I could feel the "vibes". I would've never paid $5 for a old ruler, this was different though.
 Home again, shower and to the Country Club. Yup, you read right folks the Country Club.
I never even knew the next over had  golf course. Without the gift certificate , people of our rank in life would have never been found there. What a waste of land. Anyway the food was decent, the drinks were decent and it wasn't too country club-ish. When looking the bill over i noticed something. A Jack and Coke, at this fine establishment is referred to as a Bad Boy Call.
Upon leaving i had visions. Visions of a Suburban doing doughnuts on the greens, the Sex Pistols pumping out of the radio, and 2 middle fingers in the air.
We drove through the gates, slowly. Most likely never to return again....

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