Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Unconditional love....its a funny thing. In my experience, the people that deem this one of their best qualities are total B.S. artists.True masters of the medium. I really feel this not to be something you profess, just something you do...unconditionally.
I know who loves me.I know who loves me unconditionally. I never asked nor was I told. I just know.
I know I work hard, so do the people that know me. I don't describe myself as a hard worker....
So all you self proclaimed unconditional lovers....do you really love without condition?

When you love someone unconditionally you do not set limits or boundaries on that love, not circumstances that would cause you to withdraw it, there is nothing that would cause you to not love the person. Even if the other person does something that you feel is intentional, it is overlooked if you are truly committed to unconditional love. You do not try to control the actions of the other person, nor do you tell them that you will not love them if they act a certain way or do a certain thing. When this kind of love is present both partners feel more secure and neither of them seeks to control the other.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life is a movie.....you want to be cast as a actor,or write the script?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Boy Call And Skinny Jeans....Purple Skinny Jeans. The Middle.

Where was I? Oh yeah, thats right. Leaving the country club. Off to the mall....reluctantly. Closing in one hour, we waste some time looking at pots and pans at Macy's. Nothing was purchased....while in the actual mall I noticed the vast array of kids wearing "skinny jeans", poorly maintained "faux hawks", and "gangsters" that would run and hide if they ever really saw a "9".
 Ah, the shoe store. Love that smell. Tried on a pair of U.S made Doc's. Nothing like the U.K. made Doc's. Left with my Vans on. Go to the mall broke, I need all kinds of stuff.........go with a tax return burning a hole in your debit card, I need nothing. Malls closing, get out.
 Onward friends....were to when a town shuts down at the stroke of nine. Dennys, nah....gas station...all set.
Oh I know. Kohls. Shit. really? O.K.
Hit or miss? Both.  Its just one of those stores. Purchases....one green tank top, the girly kind. A run dmc sweatshirt, for my 10 year old. He was born in the wrong generation. Three pairs of pants. Black chords i was told to put away for next fall/winter...um o.k., i guess? A pair of "douche bag" pants, just in case i need them. I don't own much more than jeans. A cool v-neck sweater with buttons, alright.
 So now as i look over to my lovely counter par, she is laughing a little.
What? Do i have lettuce on my front tooth?
Holding up a pair of men's purple,stretch, skinny jeans....you should try these on.
Why not? I will only look like a fruity umpa lumpa that got lost in Alice's wonderland, right after leaving Avatar, while on the way back to Charlies chocolate factory. The newer factory too, not the classic one.
 Purple, nut hugging, ass-crack displaying, jeans. I like them, put em in the cart...
Cigarette outside the car, where to?
TGI Fridays it is....walking in with purple skinny jeans on.....the floor of the trunk.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Boy Call And Skinny Jeans....Purple Skinny Jeans. The first part.

A weekend with no kids....I'll take that. Lets go rip up the town, drink, start a fight, and escape unscathed.
 Hardly.....yeah it's o.k. though.
 Lets see, first stop. The barn. A local junk shop jammed full of everything. Tools, dishware, toys. You know all the stuff a good junk store should have. All of it crammed in so deep the more you dig, more you find.
Left with some decent finds. A black and chrome teapot. A Polaroid camera from 1957, mint I might add. My crowning achievement......a folding craftsman ruler. The woman who owns the store told me it belonged to Sy Sidebotham. Recently deceased. Sy was a drag racer, he was one of the founders and builders of new England Drag-way.
 Strange, when I picked it up I held it close instantly. I could feel the "vibes". I would've never paid $5 for a old ruler, this was different though.
 Home again, shower and shave.....off to the Country Club. Yup, you read right folks the Country Club.
I never even knew the next over had  golf course. Without the gift certificate , people of our rank in life would have never been found there. What a waste of land. Anyway the food was decent, the drinks were decent and it wasn't too country club-ish. When looking the bill over i noticed something. A Jack and Coke, at this fine establishment is referred to as a Bad Boy Call.
Upon leaving i had visions. Visions of a Suburban doing doughnuts on the greens, the Sex Pistols pumping out of the radio, and 2 middle fingers in the air.
We drove through the gates, slowly. Most likely never to return again....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rip it up

The verdict is in. I need surgery on my knee. Words can not explain the joy this brings me....wait there is..aww balls. That's what i said on the way out. Not What the fuck or this sucks. Just balls.
I went for the initial visit, then went for a M.R.I.. I had a follow up yesterday. All hopes I had of a quick tune up and I'm on the road again, gone.
 The diagnosis? I don't remember the exact terms so I'll lay it out the best I can, relying on wikipedia for the most part.
 I have a torn ACL. Worst this doc has seen in a long time.So he says. There are some other ligaments that are gone. Where they are I'm not sure. With me so far?
Meniscus...yeah well that's a mess. One side is torn pretty bad and the other side (interior) is missing a piece. I'm no expert here but i don't think that is a good thing.
 Anterior cruciate ligament...yeah that's not around either. Oh did i mention the fluid? No? Well then......
there is so much fluid in my knee he was surprised I was walking. Bone bruising too, I forgot that one.
Options are,
ACL reconstruction with a bone-patellar-tendon-bone autograft
ACL reconstruction with a semitendinosis- and/or gracilis-tendon autograft.
Allograft reconstruction of the ACL
 Sweet! Recovery time on each is 4 to 6 to 8 months. Oh fucking joy...just in time for the summer. Wakeboard....negative. Skateboard...negative. Bike...negative. Work...negative, but I'm unemployed anyway so....
 I should be worried about getting back to work so I can support my family, and I am. But..........
Really I want to get back skating as hard as possible, the same fury that got me in this position in the first place. That and my career choice is less than nice to the body.
Maybe I'll end up with a gnarly scar.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010