Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spam, friends, and the internet.

I was reading this post in the forum Link, if your so inclined . I wanted to respond but i think i was interrupted, or maybe I was supposed to be doing something else. What took me away from a public coffee shop bitch session isn't important, whats important is that it fueled something for me to write about.
 Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and all the other "social networking" sites that are crammed down our throats. My local news station has a facebook page. Why? Find your classmates, that one really gets me. If i haven't kept in touch with someone since middle school.....I'm going on a limb here...... I more likely than not don't want to now.If you were a douche bag in 8th grade, you probably still have D.B. status now.                       Now Twitter........Oh boy, (insert famous name here) just tweeted that they had a fucking burrito at taco bell.......22 seconds ago. Oh boy, hot off the press......(insert famous name here) is having diarrhea because of a burrito from taco bell......5 seconds ago....tweet,tweet.
 Myspace , good to promote a business, music, art, and things like that. I don't give a damn about your emoticon mood, who your friends are or how much you drink at frat parties. I don't....... really i don't.
 Facebook.........I hear is better than myspace, but still useless in my opinion. Same damn thing.
If you have not figured it out.....I do not have a account on any of them.......GASP....
  Now this brings me the the post in the coffee shop.
Spam, friends, and the internet.
I have made some"friends" if you will thanks to blogger, that was not my intention. Not even a little. I want to blog for me. Yes we all would like to be followed. Followed by people that like to read what you write that is. I would rather have 2 followers that are down with my antics than 100 that are just hoping for a return courtesy follow.....Ya smell what I'm stepping in here??
 The internet is a tricky place to navigate, as said in the thread. Yes it can be. Why are people so paranoid? Do you really need to ask that question?! If you go looking for trouble, your going to find it. Usually when you find it, its because you were looking. That is not to say that shit doesn't happen, but really now this is the "internets" I'm talking about here. We all were taught to check our Halloween candy right? Could be that the neighbor down the street put a razor blade in your snickers or some poison in the reeses cup........if the candy looks funky......don't eat it........if the link looks funky......don't click it. Never mind fake....be smart.

 A fellow blogger (insert blogger name here) told me i was safe, because i am faceless. Think about that for a minute. Realy think about it. I like this blogger and enjoy the blog they keep.....so if your reading... and you know who you are, whats up(insert blogger name here)?!!!
 Going with the faceless thing for a moment. I really did think about it. I'm using it in a different context now, than when it was said but, that's fine this is my blog and your playing in my world at the moment.
 I looked at myself. Are you Starts With One? Does this reflect you? Yes i think it does. I have not faked on myself. I have yet to start conquering what i want to do within this blog.........but its me. Its me where I'm at in life right now.
  It was said by the author of the post......
"I think if people would create content, and be creative, even chat some,
that people would hopefully stop acting like everything online is criminal or fake..  WTF?!"
 Besides the fact  i think it was poorly written, that statement doesn't make a lick of scence to me.
I checked out his blog.....its not my style. That is fine, not the problem. What irritated me the most?....
The txt grammar, and it looks like a floating spam page, not saying it is.......just a little ironic that's all.

  So i realize that i may have insulted a few with my view on networking sites. Some of you might agree. Some might have put on there big girl/boy undies and, know that its just my opinion, i don't hold judgment on anybody who owns a mentioned site. I'm a little pissy this evening, my views could change......but not on the social networking thing

 With all that said I'm going to eat a frozen pizza..........TWEET TWEET.


Anonymous said...


My earliest memory of Halloween is one where I had a hole in the pillowcase (my poor man's candy holder) and didn't realize that I was leaving a trail of goodies behind me until I got home and found my two hours of treating resulted in about 8 pieces of candy. I didn't check them. I was just happy to have some.

Yeah...there's a message in there.

Starts with one said...

Believe it or not, i see the message.

Inkpunk Artworks said...

Thanks for the follow! I agree with much of what you say and share your energy. Yeah, where are the fucking jobs in this town? It's been 14 months for me, and believe me, it's not from lack of trying.

Hit me up when you can.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I thought I was the only one out there that did not partake in those other sites....I was starting to feel like a freak...

...oh, wait...I am a freak...

I mean, my fucking 67 year old father has a fucking facebook page. I also speak to him like 3 times a day so why the fuck do I need to be on facebook with him to? Just to hear he didn't like the latest episode of JAG?

I blog because I love it, I follow people because I love their blogs.

And I love yours.

PS: I witnessed that exchange in the Coffeeshop.....ignorance makes me laugh.

Starts with one said...

That's awesome...I didn't think anyone saw that thread. LOl.
Ignorance is like a epidemic.