Monday, February 8, 2010

The land of opportunity

Taking advantage of opportunities can be difficult. Good or bad, both situations present a certain amount of opportunity. If taken advantage of properly they could bring desirable results. It seems that life, or my life could use a little finesse in this area. I'm not looking to be a true master of the medium, just a little more........well..............opportunistic. Doors as they say open and close all the time. I have been trying to knock on the closed ones, instead of looking or even peeking into what may become open.......or has been open for awhile.
 More on this later, I think I need to take this "opportunity" to collect my thoughts


AVY said...

I think you should always be realstic, and then choose the reality that fits your goals.

Tina said...

That sounds like a good plan. It'll all come together.

Anonymous said...

Taking the opportunity to collect your thoughts - that's a beautiful line.

So, I heard a little story about a guy that's been in business for 15 years (successfully, which is the important point here). He runs a mobile detail business. He offers body repair, touch-ups, etc. Don't you have a list of your clients for the past two decades that you might be able to contact for follow-up work? Just a thought, none of my business. :-)

Starts with one said...

I have considered going mobile. Right now, i don't know. I think sometimes I'm done with detailing. like i can't go much further but, I always end up back in it. I have ran so many shops it silly. I always wanted to own a skateshop or a coffee shop (troll free). Or be the cool laptop guy you always see @ Starbucks. Im on my way to sorting it out.....I think.
O ya i kinda made it your business.