Saturday, February 27, 2010

I want to get hammered

with snow......and i don't even like snow. Tucked away in my house or my favorite spot at Starbucks....
then the snow is just watch.
For a week now it has switched between rain and snow. Sometimes I like the snow better because, you can move it around and out of the way. This morning it snowed just enough to make a mess and required me to shovel the drive way. 3 and 1/4 inches of  lovely aggravation. The kind that if  you don't shovel chances are there will be a deep freeze and make a real mess or,  you will look really lazy for leaving it.
Now that i have done my manly duty......its going to be 40 degrees and sunny. That surely would have melted it.
 I'm raising my coffee cup to the one town in the northeast. The one that can miss the four feet of snow.
Yes, I'm sure I would be whining about that too, but at least that's worth shoveling.

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Sarah said...

i've been whining about raining in california for a month at least. i guess it's better than too much snow. stay warm.