Monday, February 22, 2010

Graaaaave Diggeeeer!!!!

                     I'm no Redneck.......really I'm not. I think you could be the girl-est of girls or men, and still enjoy big ass trucks crushing things. We went to Monster Jam on Saturday. Not just the boys and myself, all of us. Three boys and and four girls. What a way to top off the trials, tribulations, and complete loss of patience that comes along with five children on February vacation. Hey i have idea:
 Lets drive them a hour away, try not to lose them in the crowded arena, and then afixiate them with exhaust gases.
Oh lets not forget installing five Pairs of earplugs. Honestly that went o.k. aside from one crying eleven year old girl, " I don't like these kind!". Well.... she wore them, we moved on. One causality of a outing is better than seven...
 All went well. Kids had fun, we had fun, and everyone made it home in one piece. They are actually pretty good travelers. This is the second year we have gone, I'm looking forward to next year......
  Now with all that said, I have a question........Why does Grave Digger always win? Every time. On t.v......wins. In real life.......wins. I swear its rigged.
 The popular truck when I grew up was Big Foot. I'm sure we all remember that name. Now its Grave Digger.
I don't remember Big Foot winning all the time.
 You didn't think i was just going to write about a little family outing did you?
Not to detract from the fun of these types of activities, but why does corporate America have to ruin it all?
I know these trucks are costly to build. Drivers need to be paid. I'm sure everything that goes along with this industry is big money. So enter sponsors and backers and so forth. I get this, trust me 120 bucks in shirts never-mind ticket cost. .
 What happened to grass roots America? Let the best driver win. Damn it I burned my toast.......
Ya know, build it, run it, and hope the judges score fairly. The Monster Mutt  Dalmatian truck(female driven,I'll add) ripped it up in the freestyle and high air. She lost by one point to Grave Digger. HUH? I mean she really out showed him. Grave Digger's headlights were flashing and his theme music was on before the scores were even in.
 Now the Nitro Circus truck is fairly new. He botches two runs??? I don't think Travis Pastrana is going to let some gutless driver represent his truck. Just saying.
 I have to hand it to the Grave Digger dynasty though. Seven different drivers, and i would assume as many or more trucks. Way to lock up the next Twenty five years guys.
No, I didn't express, my discontent to the kids. Its really for them anyway. It just gets me when a seven and eight year old ask "why does Grave Digger always win?" "oh, because he is really good."
 All in all its fun. If you have the opportunity to go, I would.
What the hell, you could even make a Grave Digger banner!

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My favorite so was a good time no matter how you look @ it.