Thursday, February 18, 2010

A case of the fuckits

Yes that's right, the fuckits. I caught a case a while back. Its all the rage right now. Its pretty easy to catch and the symptoms are really easy to identify. If you catch your self saying, aww fuck it more and more....well you probaly have it. Please don't confuse it with the fucku's, fuckthis's, fuckthat's, or the idontgiveafuck's. The WTF'S occur more on forum's and text messages, they rarely occur in humans.                                                 As far as i know there is no prescription for it.
Besides if  there was a wonder drug for the fuckits it may cause:
diarrhea,vomiting, aggression, burning while urinating, increased suicidal thoughts, thoughts of homicide, yellowing of the face,hands,and private places, decreased sex drive, increased sex drive, morning wood, uncontrollable gas, laughing when people slip and fall, blogging, and in some cases it may cause a more severe case of fuckits called, the fuckthisshit's.
For further information on these and more really common ailments please contact:
Your local, state, or national government
The hipster emo queer kid who cut you in line at Starbucks to order the most complicated drink in all of barista world......then bitched about it.
Or me, but you may end up with a case of the pleaseshutthefuckup's.


Anonymous said...

I have to go see a doctor today and Im hoping she can prescribe this

then maybe I can be happy with life. well if i take these it wouldnt matter if I was happy,
Id say more but fuckit , i have other things to fuckup

FireTruckOnFire said...

: ) love it.

Internet Betty said...

hahaha. I so know how that is.

Carolyn said...

Love this. Hilarious and hits upsetting close to home.