Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sticks and stones can break my bones.........

And skateboarding does one hell of a good job too. So i was walking up my basement steps tonight and....... crack. Damn its out again. My knee, or Ka-nee as i like to say. I tried to manipulate it back into place but only made it half way this time. Damn it again.
 I have been riding the ol stunt wood for roughly 24 years. I'm 30 years OLD. Do the math. I think the years skating out weighs the years of  being alive. In a way..... Hey ya know what; math was never my forte.
  Anyway take those years of  skating and general foolish behavior. Now add working years. I have been detailing automobiles for about 13 years or so. Kinda hard on the old joints and vertebra's. It does however give you one hell of a upper body workout. Any job other than that was pretty much in one industrial setting or another. But wait lets add a few more factors.......5 kids, backyard mechanics, and the pressure and stress of my own personal economic hell. Yum that's a great concoction. Full of minerals and vitamins. Does a body good.
 So it was more than a year ago that i really blew it out. I went to the E.R., that accomplished a "were not sure what you did". Oh great! Thanks Doctor. I figured out how to "pop" it in and out on my own. Like a cool party trick. Only it hurts a little....... Well alot.
 After much debate between Angel and I, I'm going to see a ortho in a few weeks. It should be interesting. I guess I'm done convincing myself it will heal on its own.


plainolebob said...

fun read,for me any way, sorry bout the knee or "ka-nee"

Sarah said...

5 kids? you've been really busy alright. take care of that knee. sounds painful.

Starts with one said...

thanks friends. ya 5 kids, crazy.