Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Its so cliche but I can't help saying it

I really could not sleep last night. Well, i did sleep but my mind was racing at the same time. What do I want to write about? Maybe a quick review of where Im currently at in life. Maybe a in-depth story of my life? How about where i have been in life? Maybe now is all that matters right now.

Where am I, who am I? I'm a unemployed, father of 5. I live with my fiance Janet, and she is the the love
of my life.
You know what, I'm not into this history of my life shit right now. Lets talk about love.
"The love of my life." Its so cliche but I can't help saying it. Our relationship has been, and continues to be so unique it's hard to put such a boring label on it. I really learned that true love is something you can't learn. There is no formula or explanation. No cure either. Its like a first crush that never goes away.
Janet or Angel as i call her has stood by me at all costs. She continues too. I can say i believe she loves me. In loves truest form. There are so many facets to us, they just sorta blend and blur.
The clear part is two people that love each-other. Two people that loved each-other upon first site (ya I know more cliche terms).
You can find someone. You can let them go. You can't always find them again. I did. We did.
I never really let her go. I don't believe she really let me go. It was circumstance. The perfect
right time at the wrong time.


Anonymous said...

You're not unemployed, buddy ol' pal o' mine. You're a dad. A fiancee. (from your other posts) You're a son, too. A human fucking being, worth millions more than any POS 9 to 5 job could ever validate. Get out of the rat race. No one cares who wins just as long as it isn't you.

What do you love to do, I mean really enjoy? Communicate with me, friend, I have experience with stuff that may be useful. I'll share my wisdom with you just so I know that you won't go back to a daily grind that is of little significance to why you get up in the morning.

Anonymous said...

You say I'm an Angel? So why do I feel less than heavenly? A few feathers out of place, halo off-kilter, and a broken wing...far from angelic. Flaws and all you love me anyways, and for that I'm truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a few days now and wanted to say It sounds like you have known your Angel for a long time but your so young on the other hand anyway but lost her then found her again. That is bitchin. If we could all be so lucky. Awesome blog! Keep it up, people will surely hear you and relate.