Sunday, January 24, 2010

Every boys first love......Mom

If you haven't called your Mom. Call her. Stop by with a coffee. Give her a hug.
If you haven talked for years, make amends. She gave you life. Made the fingers you use to blog,
and the eyes your reading this with.........


Anonymous said...

Your Mom loves you too! I always have and always will. From the moment I first saw your face!
A not so tiny bundle of boy... all boy.. the years passed so quickly.
From tot to teen to the man you've become. And yet the man you will still evolve to be~

I held your hand when you were small and as you grew letting go was difficult. As the saying goes holding your hand for awhile but holding you in my heart forever.
What I did not realize was the joy that I would feel inside, while I watched you become the man you are~
Love Mom

Ca88andra said...

As a Mom I love this post!

Starts with one said...

Thank you Mom. For everything you have done and continue to do for me.......

Ca88andra, I'm glad you liked it. Moms are very important as far as Im concerned.

Sarah said...

I call mine a coupld of times a week, and she's moving in with me soon. Got to take care of your family.